lauantai 4. syyskuuta 2010

Blood Red Shoes

And after the opening act it's time for the headliner. The first time I heard BRS must have been through a radio station. What caught my attention was their unique style: the drums sounded amazing and the riffs like no any other band. BRS is a band from Brighton formed in 2005 and it consists of two friends Laura-Mary Carter (guitar & vocals) and Steven Ansell (drums & vocals). They've released two albums so far: "Box of Secrets" (2008) and "Fire Like This". My favourite song by them must be "Heartsink" which became their third single from "Fire Like This". The video of the song was released a month ago and it involves BRS fans destroying some things they want to destroy. They're touring in the States & Canada in October and after and before that many shows in Europe. But no shows in Finland coming up. I guess I gotta keep on askin' them to come here ;) If you have the chance go and see them because they're brilliant live!

tiistai 31. elokuuta 2010

Pulled Apart By Horses

As I've warned you my taste in music is quite eclectic so it's time to get a bit more screamy here ;) This band I stumbled across as it was opening for Blood Red Shoes in Übel und Gefährlich in Hamburg this year. My personal schedule was too tight so that I only managed to see only a couple songs by them live. But they managed to impress with their explosive energy and the crowd was wild (so wild that I thought PABH is some local band from Hamburg). Anyway they play some kind of post-hardcore and their debut album was released in June.

maanantai 30. elokuuta 2010

Dead Sea Lions

I discovered this French electro pop/rock band by accident while surfing randomly at The song "Children" has some nice beats and a dancey chorus that gets stuck in your head. They have released only a two song EP but I guess the debut album is waiting to be released ;) The other song "The Return" isn't bad either.
Dead Sea Lions - The Return

sunnuntai 29. elokuuta 2010

Beat Connection

Mentioning the word chillwave probably immediately makes me hipster in the eyes of people who think they know everything about music and all its genres but don't want to consider themselves as hipsters (a bit too complicated formulation but i hope you get my point). But I think chillwave whether it's a genre or not descripes Beat Connection's music quite nicely. Their song "In The Water" is a great electronic and chilling song that has  got quite much attention among music enthusiasts and their free EP ( is quite solid as a whole in my opinion. So whether or not you like/use the term chillwave check out these chilling sounds before this band gets signed by a major label.


Well I guess it's time to start my propaganda for good Finnish music ;) I start with Viola a Finnish electro/synth pop band that is, in my opinion, too unknown in Finland as well as across the world. Their career as a band shows in my opinion a good progress throughout their career and their original approach on music is shown by their varied discography and I admire their ability to do things their own way. They stopped stopped recording physical albums in 2009 because it wasn't financially profitable for them anymore so they decided to make a move which, in my opinion, should be done by many indie bands. Since April 1st 2009 they have released one free song per month. At the same time they made ALL their previously released albums for free downloading at It's hard for me as a fan of their music to pick a favourite (maybe Halo Goodbye, Nobodylovers, Lovelights, We Owe Love...) or a two so all I'm saying: get them all ;) I'm not gonna tell their history here (you can read more on them at )

Viola - Nobodylovers
Viola - Cute Destroyer
Viola - Halo Goodbye
Viola - We Owe Love 

torstai 26. elokuuta 2010

Radio Shock Therapy

Australia and New Zealand seems to be full of great music unknown in Europe. I discovered Radio Shock Therapy through Triple j which is a national radio station in Australia. Don't really know much about this band but this is what their myspace page says "Radio Shock Therapy is Alex Cameron, Khayl Picard, Paul Dyason and David Tagliabue. Born as quadruplets to the little known writer and Harvard alumni H.R Puffenstuff between the months of April and November 1778 into a world bathed in bloody Revolution, this band of Genevesians first came to prominence in the musical charts when they emerged as the key figures of a planned coup d'etat in the nation of Switzerland during the politically tumultuous winter of 1792." :) (Read more: They have few songs available for free downloading (linked above) and especially the song "Blind" is great. One of my favourite songs this year!

Glass Vaults

The first artist I'm writing on is a band from New Zealand and they're called Glass Vaults (previously Vaults). They have only released only one EP so far but they caught my interest immediately. Their sound could be maybe described as experimental electronic pop/ambient but you just have to listen and hear for yourself. I wouldn't be surprised if this band were to turn huge sometime in future but we'll see. And best of all their EP can be downloaded for free on so get it while it's still free! (link below)


Hello music lovers! Just had an idea to start writing own music blog. First of all I'm gonna write on music I like (and that means variation from folk to metal and everything in between). So if you're only listening one of two different genres, maybe this isn't the right blog for you. I'm a student living in Turku (in Southwestern Finland) so my knowledge might on Finnish music scene is quite wide but not even nearly as wide as I would like it to be. I try to keep up with the music world but that most definitely doesn't mean I'm a hipster of any kind. This is my short introduction and I hope you enjoy the music :)