lauantai 4. syyskuuta 2010

Blood Red Shoes

And after the opening act it's time for the headliner. The first time I heard BRS must have been through a radio station. What caught my attention was their unique style: the drums sounded amazing and the riffs like no any other band. BRS is a band from Brighton formed in 2005 and it consists of two friends Laura-Mary Carter (guitar & vocals) and Steven Ansell (drums & vocals). They've released two albums so far: "Box of Secrets" (2008) and "Fire Like This". My favourite song by them must be "Heartsink" which became their third single from "Fire Like This". The video of the song was released a month ago and it involves BRS fans destroying some things they want to destroy. They're touring in the States & Canada in October and after and before that many shows in Europe. But no shows in Finland coming up. I guess I gotta keep on askin' them to come here ;) If you have the chance go and see them because they're brilliant live!

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