sunnuntai 29. elokuuta 2010

Beat Connection

Mentioning the word chillwave probably immediately makes me hipster in the eyes of people who think they know everything about music and all its genres but don't want to consider themselves as hipsters (a bit too complicated formulation but i hope you get my point). But I think chillwave whether it's a genre or not descripes Beat Connection's music quite nicely. Their song "In The Water" is a great electronic and chilling song that has  got quite much attention among music enthusiasts and their free EP ( is quite solid as a whole in my opinion. So whether or not you like/use the term chillwave check out these chilling sounds before this band gets signed by a major label.

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  1. thank you for inspiration
    i appreciate your knowledge
    and so cool you are doing this.
    as i told u on blip i started my blog too.