torstai 26. elokuuta 2010

Radio Shock Therapy

Australia and New Zealand seems to be full of great music unknown in Europe. I discovered Radio Shock Therapy through Triple j which is a national radio station in Australia. Don't really know much about this band but this is what their myspace page says "Radio Shock Therapy is Alex Cameron, Khayl Picard, Paul Dyason and David Tagliabue. Born as quadruplets to the little known writer and Harvard alumni H.R Puffenstuff between the months of April and November 1778 into a world bathed in bloody Revolution, this band of Genevesians first came to prominence in the musical charts when they emerged as the key figures of a planned coup d'etat in the nation of Switzerland during the politically tumultuous winter of 1792." :) (Read more: They have few songs available for free downloading (linked above) and especially the song "Blind" is great. One of my favourite songs this year!

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