sunnuntai 29. elokuuta 2010


Well I guess it's time to start my propaganda for good Finnish music ;) I start with Viola a Finnish electro/synth pop band that is, in my opinion, too unknown in Finland as well as across the world. Their career as a band shows in my opinion a good progress throughout their career and their original approach on music is shown by their varied discography and I admire their ability to do things their own way. They stopped stopped recording physical albums in 2009 because it wasn't financially profitable for them anymore so they decided to make a move which, in my opinion, should be done by many indie bands. Since April 1st 2009 they have released one free song per month. At the same time they made ALL their previously released albums for free downloading at It's hard for me as a fan of their music to pick a favourite (maybe Halo Goodbye, Nobodylovers, Lovelights, We Owe Love...) or a two so all I'm saying: get them all ;) I'm not gonna tell their history here (you can read more on them at )

Viola - Nobodylovers
Viola - Cute Destroyer
Viola - Halo Goodbye
Viola - We Owe Love 

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