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2013 in music so far

Hello readers! :) I have been meaning to update this blog so many times during these 1.5 years but I haven't added a single entry to this blog. The reason for that is that I've been busy with my studies (read: procrastinated) so that I just haven't found the time to sit down and write a few lines. But to break the silence I've decided to make a brief overview of the the songs/artists/albums/EPs that have caught my attention this year.

The album that I've completely fallen for is 'Wolf's Law' by the Welsh band The Joy Formidable. It's maybe slightly less noisy than their debut album but the floaty yet powerful guitars, Ritzy Bryan's beautiful vocals and versatile songs do the trick for me. My favorite off the album has grown to be 'The Silent Treatment' which shows that this band can make not only noisy rock songs but also emotional acoustic masterpieces. My other favorites off the album are 'Maw Maw Song' with its hard-hitting riff and the dynamic duo of 'Forest Serenade' and 'The Leopard And The Lung' which are the kind of floaty rockers in which this band is at their very best. Finding it hard to believe many albums would be able to top this one this year for me, if any.

Other new albums I've liked this year include '{Awayland}' by Villagers, 'Waiting for Something to Happen' by Veronica Falls, 'Hummingbird' by Local Natives and 'Country Sleep' by Night Beds. My EP of 2013 so far is probably 'Atlas: Darkness' by Sleeping at Last with its beautiful orchestral & folky atmosphere. If you have any suggestions of bands/songs I should check out, feel free to leave a comment or a message.

Those of you who use Spotify can subscribe to my playlist '2013' which I regularly update with songs of 2013 I like: 2013

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